Commercial Property Agents – How to Dominate Your Market and Territory

When you are a real estate agent selling and or leasing commercial property, you have to create a reasonable market share and control your market. In only this way will you get the commissions and listings that you need.Your competitors will come and go, and the economy will put your property market under pressure and change; through all that you still have to control your market and grow your market share.To control your market share as a real estate agent, the following should be your target:Have an above average percentage of sale signage on saleable listings. This will require you to do a sign count in the suburbs and streets that you sell in. The survey will need to be kept up to date.
Employ, create, or attract the best salespeople for the local area and get them to work for you.
Have dominance on internet advertising and website optimisation for your key locations and property type.
Have salespeople that really specialise in the type of property sold and leased locally. Make sure they know how to talk to the property type and the strategy behind the investment.
Create a database of prospects from constant contact and marketing of all property. Capture the enquiry so you can use it again in any other property promotion.
Have a solid branding and image that the market knows and relates to positively. The branding will need to be consistent across all marketing material you use.
Make prospecting at least 40% of the daily tasks for all salespeople. Whilst this sounds basic, it is remarkable how salespeople will not get anywhere near this ratio of prospecting. Discipline is the key to success in prospecting.
Be known for listing the best local property and not the property that is hard to sell and a waste of time. Property investors and owners watch what listings are around. They also analyse what you do and how you promote each and every property.
Only market property for a fixed time frame of say 90 to 120 days and then take it off the market. Unsold property will damage your image in the market.
Test and measure all property marketing as you proceed in any campaign. Adjust your marketing accordingly so that only the best promotional methods are utilised.Market dominance is simply a matter of setting a plan similar to that above and then driving the plan forward with consistent action and focus. That should be on both an individual and office basis.